Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Day: Opshop Blanket Quick Pillow

Geez I loved visiting my local opshop. I had not been for so so long. I have been so busy I forgot the thrill I get. 
I picked up this beautiful crochet blanket for a few dollars last week. 
Here's how I made a quick pom pom pillow from it.
Grab some pom pom trim and an insert (mine was from the ikea bargain bin).
Just fold the blanket in half and sew down two sides.
Add some pom pom trim.
Attach 2 buttons at the base so you can pull them through the crochet holes (to hold the insert in).
This took me about 20 minutes. Cost about $8.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Simone xx


  1. Great way to repurpose a blanket. Looks like you are able to pick up lots of wonderful crochet pieces at your op shop. Have a great day! Tammy

  2. Loving it Simone! Gorgeous colour and so simple. Great to see your love of vintage is still around. xx

  3. Hi great is that cushion? You were lucky to find that little blanket in such great condition!

  4. I love it so creative and I love thrifting for things and love Pom Pom trim adorable

  5. Thats really cute, you were lucky to find a granny blanket not using black for once. And love the choice of pom pom trim. Very nicely styled.

  6. Cute idea!! Happy weekend!

  7. What a great idea ... Now I'm off to sew up some of my opshop finds .. Love it .. XxAnnA NZ


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