Friday, March 8, 2013

Wallpapering...has anyone tried solo?

I have wallpapered twice in my entire life.
Once was with my sisters when we did a feature wall for our shop.
The second was a few weeks ago when I decided to redo my daughters room.
Not sure there will a 3rd!
But I am so happy with the result.
I bought the wallpaper from PIP Home online. It's such a lovely print.
The bedside lamp was from an op shop for $1.
I got the side table for $29 & painted it with some left over pink paint.
I also hung a hoola hoop on the wall along with some rose fairy lights.
Have a great weekend.


  1. What a happy, bright print!. Once again u amaze me w/your luck at finding things!.

  2. Looks like a fun space!
    I'm sure she is pleased.

    M :)

  3. I love this wallpaper and well done for doing it yourself - I've never been so brave!

  4. I have tried it a couple times. Not hard really. Love the pattern on this one. A dollar lamp, yay!

  5. Wow that room looks like it's where dreams are made. How pretty! And that lamp is totally gorgeous. I almost fell over when I read you paid $1 for it.

  6. Never have wallpapered . Love the wallpaper. How did you do the hoolahoop?


  7. Is there anything you can't do pretty lady? What a fabulous, happy room for your daughter. x

  8. I love this pattern!! very happy and bright!

  9. I love the paper, and especially the table, you're braver then me, I'm sure I'd be wearing the paper instead of the wall - Jen

  10. Adorable!!! I love the paper....I have never wallpapered by myself....not sure if I could do that. Happy week to you my friend. xo

  11. It looks fabulous, Simone! Love your can-do approach.

  12. oh my goodness...I am smitten with this wallpaper. I think this paper would make me a glad you did this. Very lucky daughter!
    Such cute accessories you have added!

  13. p.s. I have just been doing some back reading (as I have had blog problems and time restraints, I have been away!) you have always been so good to comment on my blog, and I find such inspiration here!
    BUT we all have to do what we can do! You do what you can...and if that means a bog every once in a while! Well thats better than you leaving!
    Best wishes for you!
    p.p.s Love your fabrics!

  14. I love the wallpaper. The color is bright and cheerful! It's perfect for a girl's bedroom and no, i havent tried doing the wallpaper yet. Maybe in the future.

  15. Love the wallpaper! Chinoiserie always looks great.

  16. yay, you are back!
    Love love love the yellow.

  17. The furniture is always fun to scope out for new ideas. Thanks for making it happen!

  18. Hi Simone. Sunny and happy! very clever. I work for a social media site that’s all about houses/homes We are about to release an online renovation tool soon. Would you use something like this?

  19. love the wallpaper!!
    Ive had a look at PIP but it says it wont post the wallpaper outside NL?..... how did it work for you?


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